Shirley Before                                                           Shirley After


“Hi, I have had your tea one week now. I enjoy it and look forward to drinking every night. I don’t have a great weight loss story for you (darn) but I do feel better and as you can see in the before and after picture of my neck my skin is so-o-o-o much better. Thank you.”   Shirley M from Kitchener ON”

I lost close to 50 pounds in 6 months by simply drinking one cup of total tea per day. My overall energy, strength, and bowel function has improved greatly. Thank you!” – Dr Darrin, Edgerton KS “I have suffered from chronic constipation all my life. I have tried everything to help me with this problem. I have not found anything to help me long term, until founding the Total Tea product. All of my patients that I put on this is so excited with the results they have received.” – Dr Duffy, Oklahoma City OK

“I have been drinking Total Tea for a month now. I have notices reduced swelling in my knees and legs (brought on by birth defect and injuries) and my system seems to function better. I feel better and have lost 15 pounds. Total Tea is great. I would recommend it to anyone.” – T. Fisher, Baker City OR

“Many people have accepted constipation as a way of life.  Some resort to harsh laxatives only leading to discomfort and painful cramping.  Many individuals pay close attention to diet and exercise but never give a second thought to their intestinal health.  I’m a big believer in taking care of both the inside and outside of my body.  Cleansing has done wonders for my complexion, energy level and self-confidence.  Total Tea provides a special balance of herbs that can help aid in digestion and elimination. I gave the tea a try over the Christmas holidays and was really impressed.  I didn’t have the usual bloating and fatigue that I normally get, and I felt great!  The clean citrus flavor is light and refreshing and definitely a treat at the end of the day.” – E. Newman, R.D., Certified Weight Mgmt.

“I’m a very picky tea drinker , drinking mostly loose leaf teas.I don’t like alot of “tea bags” out there on the market. I went to my chiropractor, saw a Total Tea display and started asking alot of questions. He provided me answers, your informational sheet and a sample. I took it home, tried it and was “totally”, no pun intended, impressed. I have been drinking it ever since.. feeling great!!! and losing weight!!! I’m hooked. Thanks so much for providing such a great tea product to the public.” – L. Moore, Louisville, Ohio

“I got some from my chiropractor last week. I have already noticed improvements in my sleep cycles but regardless of that, this was the best tasting tea I have ever had!” – R Nable, Cumming GA

“I totally love this tea! It is extremely gentle with your system especially with me who’s had stomach problems with most everything I put in my body! I thought for sure it would make me have BM’s (sorry not be gross!) that would keep stuck at home, but not for me. It is extremely gentle to the point I have been taking in the morning and at night! I can’t say enough about how this tea has helped with my constipation and bloating issues! I haven’t noticed much changes as of yet but I am so toxic due to the medications I am on I am sure it will take a while for me to notice a big difference! I drink this tea at night mostly and I wake up in the morning not feeling bloated and would recommend this tea to anyone and everyone who may have mentioned certain issues feels. I bought my 1st box through my chiropractor and I am so grateful he decided to bring this product into his office!” – S Hoing, Littleton CO

“I received a sample. 1st cup, I felt slightly nauseated which subsided after I ate. 2 months later, I tried another cup – wow – I didn’t realize what was going on at first. The tea tastes great so you forget that you are drinking something with medicinal properties. I had such quick die off from the yeast and visibly passing yeast. I have undergone several detox programs which is why I was able to figure out what was going on. I will now be placing my first order.”-B Rabe, Coppell TX “First let me apologize for taken so long to response back to you. I received your email on June 4th and June 8th I had a life changing event. Before you look at these pictures take a few more moments to read this letter. In January 2007 I started a diet, I needed to lose about 100 pounds. By the time I took the first set of these pictures I had lost about 50 pounds. My psoriasis was as bad as ever, it always looked red and mad. The pictures were dated for March but it was in late July 2007, the date was set wrong. Sometime around the end of September or first of October I was introduced to Total Tea for issues with my stomach. Sometimes diets causes other problems so I was taking it for my bowels. It worked so well I continued to take it everyday. I would only drink half a cup every morning. Around the first of January 2008 I had lost 97 pounds. I had noticed a big change in my psoriasis, it was almost completely cleared up. I continued drinking the tea and just watched my psoriasis. Different people would comment that my arms and legs had started looking better and my psoriasis seemed to be going away. I finally decided to go on the web site and type in a testimony. It has to be the tea, I had been on the diet 7 months and you can see how bad it looked.

Before            After

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Today is August 10th 2008 and that is when I took the other pictures. I have been plagued was psoriasis since I was 18 today I my 48. If drinking 4 oz of Total Tea will keep this looking like it does I will drink it the rest of life. Please don’t quit making it. I think other psoriasis patients should try this and I’m ready to help you tell the world. Please contact me if you would like to use my pictures and testimony. I would be very interested in helping you help others because I know what it’s like to look like you have leprosy. Then finally to look like your normal. This is truly amazing. Thank you.” – J. Vaughn, Chipley FL

I love this total tea! It has a wonderful flavour to it and is hard to believe that something that tastes so good can be that good for you!
Marie – Hamilton, ON

Thank you so much! We both really enjoy the Total Tea and well, my wife and I cannot stop drinking it!
A.S. from Alberta